Riverview School District

Riverview Transition Services 

Assisting students ages eighteen to twenty one with developmental disabilities to become as independent as possible at home, at work, and in the community.

Transition Program Focus

Independent Living Skills

Students work on a variety of skills such as: planning, shopping and preparing a meal, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, wiping tables, counter, and stove; sorting and doing laundry, folding clothes, hanging clothes, and other household chores. Students also work on using a debit card, budgeting monthly activities, and other independent living skills.

Communication and Social Skills

Students work on skills such as how to plan a social activity: How do I get there? How much will it cost? Who do I invite? How much do I tip my server? Do I have enough money to buy that? They also explore their interest in sports, board games, card games, art activities, crafts and hobbies. Students learn to work together, take turns, play fairly, and communicate with others.

Vocational Skills

Students will participate for part of their day in an internship with a community business to learn employment skills. Students will also learn how to complete a resume, reference list, fill out a job application, and participate in mock interviews 

Good hygiene and proper attire are a must. Some students will use metro or ACCESS transit services to navigate their way to work. Students will leave the program with a portfolio and power point presentation about themselves. Students with DDA services can participate in King County School to Work Program and have paid employment their last year here.

For more information contact:

Jolene Barrett
PAIVE Teacher
Riverview/PAIVE Transition Services
(425) 844-4916