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Riverview School District and Microsoft 365


The Riverview School District is excited to offer the tools of Microsoft Office 365 to all staff and students of the District. The use of Office 365 evolved as part of the District’s 1:1 laptop initiative. While piloting over the past year, laptop carts have been added to the classrooms of all core subject areas in 8th grade at Tolt Middle School as well as all core subject classrooms at Cedarcrest High School. More information about the 1:1 program will be posted on the District website in the coming months.

All district devices are subject to Internet Filtering per Board Policy 2035, and usage must adhere to the Computer Use Policy signed by students. 1:1 Classroom teachers are also provided with Device Management software that can perform several features for use in the classroom as well as the ability to lock screens, restrict programs and applications which can help keep students on task while working on laptops.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud based software solution of the traditional Office software suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Email, etc.) and incorporates additional tools including OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Classroom.

OneNote: Using Class Notebooks, teachers are able to provide an individual learning space for each student, as well as a collaboration space and content libraries for reference material.. Students can also use their own Notebook as a digital binder for organization.

OneDrive: Students have access to secure online storage of their work that is accessible from any internet connected device. This eliminates the need for flash drives to transfer content between home and school.

Office at home: All students through their Office 365 account can install the Office 2016 software suite on home computers, tablets, or mobile devices. Have your student login to the office portal at http://portal.office.com to get started. Additional information will also be available on the District website.

Student Email

As the District 1:1 program moves forward, several teachers will begin to incorporate the functionality of Microsoft Classroom. To maximize this functionality, district issued emails accounts will be provided to all students to collaborate on school related projects, communicate with teachers, and for turning in assignments.This will also give students Calendar and Task management functionality in Office 365.

The use of email through Office 365 is an added feature to students. Use of this email is subject to the appropriate use guidelines of district electronic equipment. Office 365 and email accounts are active through the duration as a student in Riverview. Email to all accounts is subject to filtering and are monitored.

Student email addresses are in the format of username@k12.rsd407.org. While the student login information is unchanged, the email format incorporates the k12 addition.


The use of Office 365 email requires parental consent. Please sign the consent form and return to your school to have the email account activated in Office 365.

Additional Information

The Riverview School District IT Department is revising content to be published online through the District website.
If there are specific questions, they can be directed to:

Christopher B. Collins
Director of Information Technology