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Director of Information Technology:

Christopher B. Collins
Telephone (425) 844-4508
Fax (425) 844-4502





Digital technologies frame the infrastructure of 21st century life and so, are critical to 21st century education.
Digital technologies support skill sets and competencies that have direct application to the world students will encounter at graduation. Digital technologies have great potential to support powerful teaching and student-centered learning environments. Students must become technologically fluent, able to create high-quality knowledge products that demonstrate what they know and can do.

All students, regardless of socio-economic or cultural background, must be able to access technology at school.
Technological fluency is the basic skill that enables participation in a global economy.



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Washington State Educational Technology Standards:

Riverview School District Practical Guide to the Alignment and Application of the Washington State Educational Technology Standards and
the Common Core Standards for Elementary Students


The Riverview School District Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Guidelines

Riverview Acceptable Use Guidelines / Internet Safety Requirements | P2035-1

District Social Network Sites and Interactive Media - Instructional Procedures | P2036 -1