Riverview School District


Riverview Employee Highlight - Nicole Dice

by Michael Ward

Like many educators, Stillwater Elementary 4th grade teacher Nicole Dice was imprinted with her ultimate career path at a young age. Growing up, Dice's aunt was an elementary school teacher and her niece was a constant presence in her classroom. "I spent countless hours in my aunt's classroom helping with classroom set-up, grading papers, and assisting students. I learned very early on how fun and rewarding teaching could be."

Prior to joining the Riverview School District, Dice taught in Southern California for seven years, at a district with 36 elementary schools and thousands of students. The size and scope of the districts may be vast, but the one-on-one, more personal approach Riverview is able to offer falls much more in line with the way Dice works best with her students and in her classroom.

Now in her fifth year at Stillwater, Dice finds teaching fourth grade not just the most rewarding part of her job, but also the most challenging. "Fourth grade is a transformative year for children. Their personalities develop and change as they begin to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses." Dice works hard on setting individual goals for her students and cultivating academic habits which they can carry forward into subsequent grade levels.

Since joining Riverview and becoming a key component to Stillwater Elementary, Dice is currently in her fourth year serving on the District Literacy Committee and recently concluded a two-year stint on the ELL (English Language Learners) District Committee. "My objective as a teacher is two-fold: First, I try to make learning as fun as possible. Second, I try to instill a life-long love of learning in my students."

Through her commitments to Stillwater Elementary, the District at large, and her respective students, Nicole Dice is definitely trying to pass along the excitement and enthusiasm for learning that her aunt instilled in her at such a young age.