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Cedarcrest and Tolt Students Win Big at 2018 State TSA Conference
Students Qualify for Nationals this Coming June!

completed with contributions by Tim Kennedy and Sharissa Farrell.

March 22-24, 2018, saw Cedarcrest High School and Tolt Middle School students travel out to SeaTac to attend and compete in the State Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference. More than 1,200 participants attended the event, making it the largest state conference ever for TSA. By the completion of the awards ceremony on Saturday afternoon, Riverview students, in individual and team collaborative events, heard their names called more than 60 times, with several students achieving recognition for multiple events.

A big news item coming out of the conference was that Cedarcrest's Maria Arguelles, a sophomore this year, was elected as the new TSA State President!

Cedarcrest's Tim Kennedy serves as the Advisor for the high school program and Tolt's Sharissa Farrell advises the middle school students. Through a frenetic and busy three days, a number of students were successful in earning a chance to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the National TSA Conference. The event, called "A Celebration of Success" takes place June 22-26.

A list of high school and middle school honors follow. Students who placed in the top three are qualified to compete at the National TSA Conference in Atlanta.

To see descriptions of what each high school event entails, please click here.
To see descriptions of what each middle school event entails, please click here.


1st Place - Children's Stories - Hilda Viljamaa, Meredith Smith, Julia Pfeiffer, Anna Kristiansen, Sasha Kreymer
1st Place - Music Production - Callum Walker, Vivek Patel, Amy Duer
1st Place - Photographic Technology - Jen Gard
1st Place - Software Development - Callum Walker, Vivek Patel, Michael Norris, Jackson Frank, Connor Aksama
1st Place - Video Game Design - Amy Duer, Jackson Frank, Michael Norris, Vivek Patel, Callum Walker

2nd Place - 3D Animation - Amy Duer, Grant Van Valkenburg, Callum Walker
2nd Place - Digital Video Production - Ginger Van Valkenburg
2nd Place - Photographic Technology - Connor Aksama
2nd Place - Promotional Design - Maria Arguelles
2nd Place - SciViz (Scientific Visualization) - Callum Walker, Grant Van Valkenburg, Vivek Patel, Michael Norris

3rd Place - Coding - Callum Walker, Jackson Frank, Connor Aksama
3rd Place - Future Technology Teacher - Sasha Kreymer
3rd Place - On Demand Video - Taylor Berberich, Jacob Dempsey, Calvin Nelson, Natalie Roberts, Danny Stewart, Ginger Van Valkenburg
3rd Place - Prepared Presentation - Connor Aksama
3rd Place - Technology Bowl (Written) - Vivek Patel, Michael Norris, Connor Aksama (3-way tie)

4th Place - Children's Stories - Sydney Smith, Lauren Lakin, Hannah Hobbs
4th Place - Computer Integrated Marketing - Jeffrey Henion, Leanna Henion
4th Place - Technology Bowl (Team) - Vivek Patel, Michael Norris, Connor Aksama
4th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD 3D), Engineering - Grant Van Valkenburg

5th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD 3D), Engineering - Jeffery Henion
5th Place - Promotional Design - Hannah Hobbs


1st Place - Children's Stories - Ella Ward

2nd Place - Prepared Speech - Tejasvini Vijay

3rd Place - Medical Technology - Eva Gill, Tejasvini Vijay
3rd Place - Website Design - Christi Norris, Eva Gill, Tejasvini Vijay

We congratulate all our TSA students, in both programs, and wish those planning to attend and compete in Atlanta, this coming June, only but the very best!