Riverview School District


Nominations Open for Highly Capable Services
and Program for the Academically Talented

The Riverview School District are accepting nominations for assessing students for Highly Capable Services, including the Grades 2-5 Program for the Academically Talented (PAT) for the 2020-2021 school year. All first grade students will be screened in January 2020 to determine their eligibility, so no first or kindergarten students need to be nominated.

Parents can opt-out of the Highly Capable screening for their children by completing the opt-out form. This form will have been provided to parents at conferences or sent home with your 1st grade child in November.

All parents who wish to refer students in grades 2-11 may pick up a nomination form in the school office, to be turned in prior to Winter Break in December (Note: The final day to nominate a student is Friday, December 20, 2019). No late nominations or outside (private) test scores will be accepted. Those elementary students who meet the criteria on the screening, given during the school day at their home school, will be invited to take the full Cognitive Abilities Test in February 2020.

Please note: If a child is ill or unable to attend a screening or testing session, parents must contact the HiCap office to schedule a make-up test. No outside test scores will be accepted.

The goal for Highly Capable Services is to support and provide appropriate academic challenges to students with extraordinary ability in English/Language Arts or Math.