Riverview School District


Tolt Middle School Students of the Month
November 2019

Congratulations to the more than 40(!) students chosen as November 2019 Tolt Students of the Month!

Selected by teachers for their hard work, positivity, teamwork, and leadership, both in and out of the classroom, students were honored at a morning assembly with families and guests in attendance. After opening remarks were shared by Principal Amie Karkainen and Assistant Principal Scott Petersen, students were announced individually to come up, learn why they were selected, and receive a certificate and gift recognizing them for Student of the Month recognition. Doughnuts and milk were available for students prior to the ceremony, while coffee was provided for adults, thanks to a monthly donation made by the Carnation Starbucks.

November 2019 Students of the Month:
Gael Arenas, Ty Backstrom, Jason Brimley, Evan Cha, Eva Chaffin, Claire Cheney, Huckleberry Clapp, Hazel Davis, Olivia Eyer, Oliver Federico, Bryce Foley, Ronan Friedman, Jackie Gonzalez, Xitialy Gonzales Millan, Samantha Grayun, Eva Green, Briseida Guzman Lopez, Will Harris, Amos Horne, Muhammed Ibrahim, Jordan Jensen, Anastacia Kryatova, Federico Lagares, Bridget Leisen, Monte Long, Emma McGee, Samantha Nagy, Fiona Pavlovsky, Kyla Perry, Brian Quinones-Orozco, Brooke Roze, Daren Schwope, Risha Shaikh, Charlie Stalnaker, Anna Stchur, Landon Swenson, Lydia Swenson, Shoma Takezawa, Izel Valdovinos, Michael Vasquez.