Riverview School District


Riverview Teachers and District Reach New Three-Year Agreement

The Riverview Education Association (REA) and the Riverview School District (RSD) are pleased to report that an agreement has been reached on a new three-year contract. The agreement was ratified during a general meeting of the REA on Thursday, August 25, 2016. On the morning of August 30, 2016, the Riverview School District Board of Directors held a Special Meeting and approved the contract.

All sides echoed a sense that this negotiations process represented collaboration, respectful discourse and discussion. The meetings were likewise described as forthright, professional, and productive. Issues of mutual interest and concern were the focus and solutions were achieved that both parties agree will benefit not only the teachers and the District over the course of the next three years, but also our Riverview students and community.

“Working with the Riverview Education Association during these negotiations was another example of how collaborative and respectful relationships are between the Riverview School District and the REA,” said Riverview Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith. “Our great teachers and specialists reside at the heart of our mission: ‘Educate Children’.”

“REA and the district have a strong working relationship. This allowed for the bargaining process to be student-centered, respectful, collaborative, and fair,” shared Erika Dix, REA President.

Dr. Smith added, “Riverview teachers care deeply about their students, the district, and our community. This shows in the performance outcomes and indicators the district is achieving. We are very pleased to have all worked together, using a modified, interest-based/proposal-based process that resulted in this three-year agreement.”

Riverview Assistant Superintendent Janet Gavigan estimates more than 70 hours of table negotiations were conducted, with many more hours spent away from the table, as both sides worked with their respective teams.

Riverview students begin the 2016-17 school year on September 6, 2016.