Riverview School District


Cedarcrest High School Students Impress
at 2017 Science and Engineering Fair

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, Cedarcrest High School science students filled the Riverview School District’s Assembly Hall at the Educational Service Center, with nearly one hundred impressive, innovative, and outside-the-box ideas presented for this year’s Science and Engineering Fair. Investigating different realms of science and scientific exploration, Cedarcrest students again showcased impressive and complex presentations that wowed and amazed not only judges, but families and community members alike.

The event comprised a full Saturday morning and afternoon for students and judges, following months of intense work and research by participants. Once the projects were set up and arranged by the students, assigned judges interviewed students about their work, findings, how they came up with the idea for their project, and other related inquiries. Each entry was evaluated by two separate judges and when scores were tabulated, ribbons were awarded for the highest scoring entries.

Prior to the ribbon ceremony, Cedarcrest science teacher, Dr. Davin Henrikson, spoke about the tireless efforts of all who participated in the fair. Joining Dr. Henrikson was Cedarcrest science teacher, and Science and Engineering Fair director, Kalli Wilson, and Cedarcrest principal, Ray La Bate, who announced the winners of Blue, Red, and White Ribbons (signifying first, second, and third place awards) from the judges’ comprehensive evaluations.

Replicating the look and feel of a competitive science and engineering fair, students retain the right to take any project presented at the event, ribbon-awarded or not, and enter it into the Central Sound Regional Science & Engineering Fair in Bellevue, Washington on March 11. Earning top scores at that event enable students to compete at the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair in Bremerton, Washington on March 31 and April 1.

The Cedarcrest Science and Engineering Fair award recipients are listed below (alphabetical by name of project):




We congratulate all the students who took part in this year’s event, including the above-mentioned ribbon recipients, and all the community volunteers who gave their time and expertise in evaluating the projects and getting to know our students.