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Riverview Names 2015-16 Curriculum Leadership Award Recipients

L-R: Michael Seymour, Christina Malm, CHOICE program Educational Assistant Toni Gagner, Jennifer Grant, Kyle Thompson, Mark Klune, and Ben Hambleton.

On August 31, 2016, during the Riverview School District's Welcome Back! program, Riverview's Director of Teaching & Learning, Roni Rumsey, honored the following educators as recipients of the 2015-16 Curriculum Leadership Awards:

In her remarks to the Riverview staff, Rumsey talked about the dedication and time commitment that Ben Hambleton has spent as the district’s ELL specialist since joining the District in 2013 and the successes he has achieved in his work.

She praised Mark Klune for changing, expanding, and re-designing technology education at Tolt Middle School, as well as celebrating the successes achieved through Tolt's growing TSA program, which Klune oversees as club advisor.

With Cedarcrest band director Kyle Thompson, she highlighted the fact that the marching band program has become one of the finest programs in the State of Washington, which now routinely wins awards in competition, and boasts a student membership of over 100 musicians.

Additionally, a Team Curriculum Leadership Award was presented to the Riverview Learning Center’s CHOICE/CLIP teachers:

In celebrating the work of the CHOICE/CLIP teachers, Rumsey praised them for enhancing student learning experiences in the two programs and managing students at their individual social, emotional, and instructional levels. She thanked the teachers for creating a warm and caring environment for students who may be struggling and/or feeling disenfranchised and praised their creativity in finding ways to help students achieve success.

Curriculum Leadership Awards are given annually by Riverview's Teaching & Learning Department to staff members who have shown a high level of commitment to school and district improvement of student learning.

We congratulate these educators on creatively finding ways to maximize learning potential for all our Riverview students.