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Food Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Student ID Number?
Each student in the district has an individual ID number. When a student makes a purchase, he/she enters the ID number into the keypad at the cashier station. The student’s information appears on the point of sale screen so the cashier has a picture of the student, the amount owing based upon the purchase and the balance remaining on the account. This confirms that the transaction is accurate and quick.

How Do I Deposit Money to My Student’s Meal Account?
Deposits to the student meal account can be made three ways:

How Can I Make Meal Payments on-line?
Pay for meals on-line with e-Funds for Schools. This service is offered by a third party service provider and the district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information. Using your checking account information is a free service. There is a $1.00 fee for using a credit/debit card. On-line meal payments go immediately into your student’s meal account. The e-Funds link is on the home page of the district website. There is also a link in Family Access on your student’s Food Service page (Make a Payment). All student numbers begin with zero (0) in e-Funds.

How Do I Check Meal Account Balances?
You can check your student’s meal account balance through Family Access, select Food Service in the left hand column.

How Can I Set Up Low Account Balance Notification?
There are two ways to receive low account balance notifications:

What Happens if My Student is Short on Money to Pay for the Meal?
The Riverview School District Food Services Department has an established meal charge policy in place for all students. The purpose of having a meal charging policy enables our schools to establish consistent and clear food service account procedures throughout the district. It allows the district to maintain fiscal integrity and solvency of the food service department while providing meal options that meet the nutritional needs of our students. All efforts are made to avoid meal charges, but understand that an occasional emergency or forgetfulness may make it necessary. These charges are a temporary solution and are not intended to address issues of a parent/guardian’s inability to pay for their child’s meals. In those instances, an application for free or reduced meal benefits should be completed.

Students at all schools are allowed to charge two full lunches to their food service account if it goes negative. The student’s parent/guardian will receive written notification of the account balance with the expectation that the outstanding balance will be paid in full.

The Food Service Department has set goals to ensure the success of the program and they are as follows:

The Food Service Department:
Responsible for providing healthy meals that meet nutritional standards for students of the Riverview School District.
To keep accurate food service account records and provide consistent communication with parents/guardians regarding low balances and charged meals.

The Parent/Guardian:
Responsible for immediate payment for student meal purchases and promoting self-responsibility of their child/student.

What if I Have Questions about My Student’s Meal Account?
Contact the school kitchen cashier and leave a detailed message or you may call the Food Services Department at 425-844-4560 to speak with Kaye Wetli, Supervisor of Food Services.

How Do I Request a Meal Account Refund?
Contact Sharon Fowler, Food Services Department Secretary, at 425-844-4523 or fowlers@rsd407.org to request a meal account refund.

What Happens at the End of the School Year to Money in My Student’s Meal Account?
The money remains in the student’s meal account at the end of the school year.

How Do I Apply for Free/Reduced Price Meals?
You may apply for Free/Reduced Price Meals the following ways:

What if I Need Assistance Completing the Free/Reduced Meal Application?
Please contact Sharon Fowler, Food Services Department Secretary, at 425-844-4523.

What if My Student has Special Dietary Needs?
USDA Child Nutrition Programs support access to healthy meals to all children, including children with disabilities who have special dietary needs. Under the law, a disability is an impairment which substantially limits a major life activity, which can include allergies and digestive conditions, but does not include personal diet preferences. Requests for meal modification must be signed by a state-recognized medical authority. The Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form can be found on the Food Services Department page of the district website. Please contact Kaye Wetli, Supervisor of Food Services, at 425-844-4560 if you have questions. It is always a good idea to talk with the school nurse when your student has special dietary needs so that they can be supportive during the school day.

The interactive menu on the district website allows you to view allergy information.

What if I Have Questions about My Student’s Meal Account?
Contact the school kitchen cashier and leave a detailed message or you may call the Food Services Department at 425-844-4560 to speak with Kaye Wetli, Supervisor of Food Services.

What are the Prices of School Meals?
Please see the fee schedule on the Riverview School District webpage.

How Do We Know What is Being Served for Breakfast and Lunch?
There is a link on the homepage of each school and the district webpage, Lunch Menus. Each school is listed with a link to the monthly breakfast and lunch menu. The new interactive menu and nutritional program also lists what is being served each day of the month.

What is the new Interactive Menu and Nutritional Program?
The interactive menus allow you to view serving, nutritional, and allergy information when you hover over the menu item. Information can be viewed in languages other than English. You can calculate nutritional and caloric values for selected items using the interactive nutritional portion of the program. You can find the interactive menus on the Food Services web page. Select the school menu you wish to review, select breakfast or lunch menu, and select the calendar month you want to view.