Riverview School District


"The Senior Walk" - A New Riverview Tradition

On Monday, June 11, 2018, the Riverview School District started a new tradition - "The Senior Walk."

"The Senior Walk" invites graduating Riverview seniors to return to the elementary school they attended as young children, or select an elementary school of their choosing, and walk down the halls of the school one final time. Organized by Cedarcrest High School Assistant Principal Mike Ruhland, in partnership with the principals and administrative teams at all elementary schools and the Riverview Learning Center, more than 100 soon-to-be graduates visited Carnation Elementary, Cherry Valley Elementary, Stillwater Elementary, and the Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program.

The idea of a "Senior Walk" has become more and more common in recent years, after Van High School, in Van, Texas, saw their event go viral on the internet and make national news in 2016. Bringing the idea to the Riverview School District, Ruhland shared that the event has meaning in a number of different ways.

"We want the graduating students to give back to the elementary students by showing them the excitement of graduating from high school," said Ruhland. "We also want them to make connections with any of their old elementary teachers that might still be around and to give thanks to the people who got them off on a good start. This is all about making stronger connections between the high school and our elementary schools."

Images from the Senior Walks, which occurred at the same time all around the district, are available through our RSD Facebook page or via this link.

Additionally, videos were captured of Carnation students walking past waiting Kindergarten and First Graders, former Carnation students sharing one last "Tiger Pride" chant, and Cherry Valley students walking down the hallway of their former school.

Ruhland indicates that plans for next year's Class of 2019 "Senior Walk" are already being discussed.