Riverview School District


Superintendent's Message

Dear Riverview Community,

For this month’s Superintendent Message, I would like to continue our focus on student safety and share information about summer opportunities for students. In addition, we continue to focus on “personalizing student learning with an equity lens,” so I will share some powerful examples of how we are doing that with our students.

Student and Staff Safety: If You See Something, Say Something

My message this month is “see something, say something.” This applies to student safety issues in all areas. If you see that a student has been hurt, experienced head trauma, or injured in any way, whether at home or at school, caution and communication is the key. The cautious part consists of making sure the student gets professional help in assessing and treating the injury, no matter how small the injury may appear. Our district nurses are a great resource during the school day. Outside of school, it is important to get an assessment from a trained doctor or health professional. As far as communication is concerned, whether it is delivered parent or guardian to school, or school to parent or guardian, we should over-communicate when it comes to prevention, intervention, or after-care of injuries.

“See something, say something” also applies to what is occurring in your community, whether at school, at home, or with the community at large. So, if you see something you know shouldn't be there - or someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right - say something. At school this means reporting the incident to a teacher, counselor, or school administrator. At home it means developing a plan for family communication. In the community, it often means dialing 9-1-1. I frequently hear from law enforcement agencies that people don’t use 9-1-1 enough for responding to emergencies or potential emergencies. To report suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency. Describe specifically what you observed, including: who or what you saw; when you saw it; where it occurred; and why it is suspicious.

Summer Educational Opportunities

There are numerous educational opportunities in and around the Snoqualmie Valley for young people of all ages. The Riverview School District has elementary and summer programs for students based on various qualifications. In addition, we offer credit retrieval and credit accrual opportunities for students. For details, contact your local school and/or continue to read the school newsletters as more information becomes available. We also provide great opportunities in summer through the WaNIC (Washington Network for Innovative Careers) program, where classes are available in Riverview and surrounding school districts. While classes are full for this summer, you might want to check out the website to plan for next summer: https://wanic.lwsd.org/. These courses are available at low cost, $50 plus course fees, and result in transferrable high school credit for students completing grades 8-11.

On Saturday March 10, 2018, our PTSA Council hosted a very successful Summer Resource Fair, the first of its kind in Riverview history! The fair had information tables that represented 33 different vendors, all of which provide summer programs - everything from camps to Spanish to preschool and outdoor activities. For more information and links to all the programs, check out the PTSA Council website at http://riverviewptsacouncil.my-pta.org/.


Dr. Anthony L. Smith
Riverview School District